Rent RV Or Boat Storage

You will need to provide the following items prior to storing your Boat or RV at Donald RV and Storage

Photo ID:  The prospective tenant who will sign the rental agreement must present a government issued photo-ID (e.g. drivers license, passport).

The Information Sheet: This document tells us how to contact you at home or work, by email, or by mail, and, in case of an emergency, we ask for the name/address/phone number of a back-up contact person such as a friend or relative who we can contact if for some reason we cannot locate you.

Keypad Code Selection: You will be given a keypad code that will belong only to you and we will show you how to enter it into the computer-controlled keypad.  You need to use this code every time you enter and exit the facility.

Insurance: In self-storage facilities you, the tenant, have Total Responsibility for insuring your property while it is in storage. Donald RV and Storage does offer insurance coverage, but does not provide industry standard insurance coverage.  We strongly recommend you take out a policy with an insurance company that specializes in self-storage coverage.  In our office we will provide you with information from some of those specialists.  We recommend that you do not assume that your household or renters policy includes coverage for goods in storage.  Be sure you understand any limits in coverage values and the deductibles of that coverage. Inquire about which items are excluded from coverage.